Bottega Raspberry Cream Liqueur 500ML

Bottega Raspberry Cream Liqueur 500ML

US$ 41.60

Volume: 500ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Liquor / Liqueur

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 15%

It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly  sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by  an intense aroma of raspberry.

Colour: Light pink.

Nose: Intense aroma of raspberry, perfectly matching the delicate scent of milk and cream.

Palate: Sweet, velvety, appealing and intriguing, it has a strong and unmistakable taste of raspberry on the palate, perfectly matching the sweetness of milk and evoking unique tasting sensations.

Recommendations: Thanks to its moderate alcohol content, it is particularly suited for sweetening the palate. Best served cold, it is perfect not only after meals, but also at any time of the day. It is used as an ingredient in cocktails and, thanks to its touch of alcohol, it is ideal with panna cotta or ice creams.

Serving Temperature: 3° C

US$ 41.60