Bottega Nero Dark Chocolate Liqueur 500ML

Bottega Nero Dark Chocolate Liqueur 500ML

US$ 37.82

Volume: 500ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Liquor / Liqueur

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 15%

Cocoa, the basis of Nero Bottega, comes from a plant whose botanical name is "Theobroma", or "food of the gods", and is the main ingredient of this exquisite liqueur. 

The union of cocoa with an alcohol solution creates a product recalling the inebriating sensations of dark chocolate. Thanks to its mixing  technique, it is creamy and smooth, conquering even the most refined palates. With a final touch of grappa, Nero Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it unique and unmistakable.

Colour: Chocolate brown.

Nose: Intense aroma of chocolate with hints of bitter cocoa in the finish.

Palate: Soft, rich, intriguing and appealing, its aromaticity is perfectly balanced with olfactory notes.

Recommendations: Thanks to its moderate alcohol content, it is particularly suited for sweetening the palate. Best served cold, it is perfect not only after meals, but also at any time of the day. It is used as an ingredient in cocktails and, thanks to its touch of alcohol, is ideal with panna cotta, biscuits, cakes or ice creams.

Serving Temperature: 3° C

US$ 37.82