Bottega Ginger Liqueur 500ML

Bottega Ginger Liqueur 500ML

US$ 41.60

Volume: 500ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Liquor / Liqueur

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 20%

The quality and character of Ginger Bio Bottega depend not only on the quality of its main ingredient, but also on how its aromatic flavour is extracted. The ginger is grown in accordance with strict organic farming requirements, meaning no insecticides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and is then peeled and finely chopped.

Colour: Clear, straw yellow.

Nose: Initial citrus and floral notes give way to characteristic hints of spice.

Palate: Fresh and intriguing, this liqueur caresses the palate with its intense ginger aroma and its well-balanced sweetness, which is able to sustain the typically sharp sensations.

Recommendations: This liqueur is extremely pleasant at the end of a meal to sweeten the palate. It is also an excellent ingredient for fresh and invigorating aperitifs, delicious cocktails and long drinks and also goes really well with ice-cream, fruit and fruit-based desserts.

Serving Temperature: 3° C

US$ 41.60