Hakutsuru Draft Sake 300ML

Hakutsuru Draft Sake 300ML

US$ 12.39

Volume: 300ML

Brand: Hakutsuru

Category: Japanese Liquor / Sake

Country: Japan

Alcohol: 14%

• Fruity yet dry in a classic Japanese style.

• Junmai Draft is a Namachozo Sale, meaning it is flash pasteurized only once to retain its uniquely pure and fresh flavors.

• Ultrafiltration and storing at 41°F further refines this refreshing Sake.

• Aromas of sweet rice, nuts and barely-ripe pear, with green melon, young coconut and light cream on the palate. Vibrant, light, fresh, and smooth.

• A good match with not only Japanese food, but also Western cuisine using a variety of sauces and mayonnaise. Yakitori, Croquette, Salads, Roast beef, etc.

• Slightly dry. Enjoy chilled or slightly warmed.

US$ 12.39