Bunnahabhain Cruach Mhona 1L

Bunnahabhain Cruach Mhona 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Bunnahabhain

Category: Whisky / Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland

Alcohol: 50%

Meaning ‘Peat Stack’ in Scots Gaelic, Cruach Mhona [pronounced croo-ach vona], was one of our first Travel Retail Exclusives and is the only Bunnahabhain Mòine (peated malt) available exclusively to our World Travellers.

The light golden tone belies a whisky of deeply complex flavours. An energetic burst of herbal malt and fruit is followed by rich spice and aromatic peat smoke.

This peaty dram combines the delicate, salty mist of the sea with the sweet scent of burning grass to create a lingering, smoky flavour.

COLOUR: Pale gold

NOSE: Crisp and lively sweet peat, with herbal hay, dry smoke and burning grass.

PALATE: Starting light, malty and sweet, developing into smoky white pepper and seaweed saltiness.

FINISH: Lingering dry smokiness with seaweed and spice.

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