Martini Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 750ML

Martini Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 750ML

US$ 33.61

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Martini

Category: Wine / Prosecco

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 11.5%

From the foothills of Veneto, the aromatic Glera grapes are blended by the Wine Master with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to create this fresh, lively Prosecco.

Colour: Clear, very pale golden with low-medium carbonation.

Nose: Pear fruit, quince and elderflower.

Palate: Dry with apple and pear with faint honeyed sweetness and overripe peach.

Recommendations: An array of cured meats, such as prosciutto crudo or bresaola, will bring out its yeasty notes – or simply try serving with some grilled fish.

Serving Temperature: Serve chilled to 7° C

US$ 33.61