Bottega Poeti Cuvee Spumante Brut 750ML

Bottega Poeti Cuvee Spumante Brut 750ML

US$ 23.53

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Wine / Sparkling Wine

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 11%

Il Vino dei Poeti Venezia DOC is a white sparkling wine whose identity reflects the elegance, delicacy and freshness of the area of Treviso and Venice.

Colour: Straw yellow with golden tinges; fine and persistent perlage.

Nose: Delicate fruity (apple and peach) and floral (hawthorn, acacia and wisteria) aromas with a pleasant almond notes in the finish.

Palate: Delicate and fresh wine, with a clear and balanced taste; round and smooth on the palate.

Recommendations: Perfect as an aperitif as well as in cocktails, it goes well with fish dishes (appetizers, first and second courses), risotto, white meat, spit roasted meat and pizza.

Serving Temperature: 4°-5° C

US$ 23.53