Bottega Millesimato Spumante Brut 750ML

Bottega Millesimato Spumante Brut 750ML

US$ 23.53

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Bottega

Category: Wine / Sparkling Wine

Country: Italy

Alcohol: 11%

Bottega Brut Millesimato is a charming sparkling wine, obtained thanks to a specific oenological technique leading to the creation of bubbles and relevant perlage. Thanks to the bubbles, which stimulate the taste buds and enhance the perception of flavors, sparkling wines are versatile and easy to match.

Colour: Straw yellow, fine and persistent perlage.

Nose: Fruity (apple, peach) and elegant floral (acacia) notes.

Palate: Dry, lively, fresh, quite soft, with a pleasant sapidity and balanced acidity.

Recommendations: Excellent as an aperitif and in cocktails, it goes particularly well with starters, first courses with fish sauces, fish (steamed, baked or in foil) and with meat such as chicken and turkey.

Serving Temperature: 4-5 °C

US$ 23.53