Kavalan Distillery Select No.2 700ML

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Kavalan

Category: Whisky / Malt Whisky

Country: Taiwan

Alcohol: 40%

Kavalan’s Distillery Select series showcases the fine art of blending and the exquisite cask selection of Taiwan’s premier distillery.

This expression No. 2 is an enticingly smooth drop, deeply aromatic with an irresistible floral and herbal complexity that delivers the delicious tranquility of the forest.

Color: Golden dawn

Palate: Smooth, rounded mouthfeel, and with rich character, suitable for daily drinking with excellent palatability. A long and fragrant finish.

Flavor: Begins powerfully with charming floral, grassy aromas and gentle vanilla blending with hints of delightfully woody and spicy notes in rich layers.

Tasting: Suitable for drinking alone or in a cocktail.

US$ 83.07