Girnar Instant Premix Masala 10's

Volume: 10PCS

Brand: Girnar

Category: Beverages / Tea

Country: India

Masala Chai (literally "mixed-spice tea") is a beverage from the Indian subcontinent. Girnar Instant Tea Premix with Masala is made with natural tea extract and a mixture of aromatic Indian spices.

This pepper and ginger based blend gives a very special twist to the taste of tea and along with Cardamom "the queen of spices", the tea can take the chill out on wintry days.

Enjoy this refreshing drink with the warmth of Spices.


Ingredients: Dairy Whitener, Sugar, Tea Extract, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ginger, Taj & Cardamom.

Directions to use: Empty the contents of the sachet into a cup. Add 100ml of hot water (at 100 degrees) into the cup. Stir well and enjoy.

Rs. 225

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