Signature Premier Grain 1L

Signature Premier Grain 1L

US$ 27.56

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Signature

Category: Whisky / Domestic Whisky

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 42.8%


Select grains, decades of authentic Scotch whisky-making experience, Aged Indian Malts and Fine Grain Spirits. That's what makes Signature Premier.

Ingredients are carefully sourced and crafted into life at the hands of our master blender, Louise Martin.

Purposefully selecting the 10 imported Scotch Whiskies, to bring out a remarkably creamy character.

NOSE: Fruity, floral, wood, grainy (creamy) & vanillic.

PALATE: Fruity, creamy & sweet.

FINISH: Medium finish.

US$ 27.56