Seto Bagh Vodka 750ML + 1 Sprite 1L Free

Seto Bagh Vodka 750ML + 1 Sprite 1L Free

US$ 17.48

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Seto Bagh

Category: Liquor / Offers

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 40%

~~ Festive Offer ~~

Get 1 Sprite 1L FREE in special Festive Pack!

Distilled from spring water from the Himalayas and crafted with top-shelf ingredients sourced from Europe, Seto bagh packs a punch with every sip.

Notes of green chili, juniper, and angelica seeds ring throughout our crystal-clear vodka, making this handmade mixture a one-of-a-kind in its category.

Seto bagh is well rounded, smooth, and bold, from the first sip to the last and it will keep you wanting for more!

US$ 17.48