Nepal Ice Natura Bottle 650ML (Rs 40 OFF)

Nepal Ice Natura Bottle 650ML (Rs 40 OFF)

Volume: 650ML

Brand: Nepal Ice

Category: Liquor / Offers

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 5%

~~ Nepal Ice Festive Special Offer ~~

Rs. 40 OFF!!

* Offer valid only till Nov 16, 2021


Nepal Ice Natura is the Nepal's first barley beer made from 100% Natural Barley. This type of barley beer is manufactured by few selected World Class Companies in the world and CG Brewery has joined this elite club to offer Nepalese Consumers unique experience of drinking this type of beer which makes use of Natural Barley.

Being a product which is made from Natural Barley, Nepal Ice Natura beer has unique pleasant taste and mouth feel.

US$ 2.80