Monin Caramel Flavoured Sauce 1.89L

Monin Caramel Flavoured Sauce 1.89L

Volume: 1.8L

Brand: Monin

Category: Mixers / Syrup

Country: Thailand

• The rich, sweet, and buttery smoothness of caramel has come a long way from chewy wrapped candies.

• MONIN Caramel sauce delivers mouth-watering decadence to your favourite hot or cold coffee beverages, milkshakes, cocktails and more.

• MONIN Caramel sauce is a decadent addition to desserts, ice cream, cocoa and coffee drinks.

• Its buttery caramel taste is incomparable, when combining it for example with banana or apple in a latte, it reveals all its velvet taste.

• Colour: Brown gold

• Tasting Notes:

- Nose: Burnt caramel nose

- Attack: Delicious and strong caramel toffee taste. Incredibly creamy, smooth, rich and perfectly balanced texture

- Length in Mouth: Sweet buttery toffee note

US$ 25.23