Mateus Rose Original 750ML

Mateus Rose Original 750ML

US$ 25.05

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Mateus

Category: Wine / Rose Wine

Country: Portugal

Alcohol: 11%

Mateus Rosé Original is a light, fresh, young and slightly sparkling wine.

Colour: Very appealing and bright hue.

Nose: Fresh and seductive wine with fine and intense bouquet and all the joviality of young wines.

Palate: Well balanced and tempting wine, brilliantly complemented by a soft and slightly fizzy finish.

Recommendations: Goes very well with light meals, several types of fish and seafood, white meat, grilled dishes and salads. Its unique characteristics make it also ideal with pasta and other Italian cuisine and to accompany magnificently several styles of Oriental cuisine – Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai.

Serving Temperature: 6°-8° C

US$ 25.05