Marie Brizard Mojito Mint Syrup 700ML

Marie Brizard Mojito Mint Syrup 700ML

US$ 13.45

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Marie Brizard

Category: Mixers / Syrup

Country: France

Made with pure cane sugar and rigorously selected lemon and lime juices, mint and natural lime flavouring, Marie Brizard mojito mint tasting Syrup is very rich and reveals an authentic lemon and fresh mint flavour.

No added preservatives. No colouring.

COLOUR: Liquid, very pale yellow, slightly turbid.

AROMA: Mix of mint freshness and gourmet lemon juice.

FLAVOUR: Green mint freshness and lemon sourness.

RECOMMENDATION: Enjoy it with still or sparkling water, or use it as an ingredient for your cocktails.


US$ 13.45