Larios London Dry Gin 700ML

Larios London Dry Gin 700ML

US$ 41.18

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Larios

Category: Gin / Imported Gin

Country: Spain

Alcohol: 37.5%

Our unique blend of wild juniper berries gives Larios Dry its signature flavor filled with delicate citrus aromas that linger like laughter on a gentle evening breeze.

Thanks to its carefully crafted process of double distillation in copper stills, rounded off with the crisp taste of sun-ripened oranges and lemons, every time you enjoy a Larios Gin & Tonic you'll find it hard not to reminisce about the Mediterranean, its sun-kissed beaches, its warm breezes, its evocative sunsets...

NOSE: Light, fruity with a touch of spices.

PALATE: Clean, mild and dry; bitter orange peel with a taste of lemon and juniper.

FINISH: Fruity and evolving into a spicy note.

US$ 41.18