Kala Patthar Blended Reserve 750ML + 1 Glass Free

Kala Patthar Blended Reserve 750ML + 1 Glass Free

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Volume: 750ML

Brand: Kala Patthar

Category: Liquor / Offers

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 42.8%

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Kala Patthar, Blended Reserve Whisky, is inspired by the famous vantage point above the Khumbu Glacier at 5643M for viewing Mt. Everest. An epic destination for adventurers and mountaineers alike.

Matured in Sherry and Oak cask from Scotland, Kala Patthar is a full-bodied whisky that is blended with the best Nepalese grain spirits and the pristine glacial water of the Himalayas.

The distinct blend takes you on an adventure of exquisite taste. It starts from the sweetness of creamy toffee and the wonderful flavour of wild orchard fruits to the warmth of winter spice. You will experience the luxurious notes of smoky malt with hints of exotic vanilla, all resulting in a rich and smooth finish of marvelous character.

Kala Patthar captures the valiant spirit of the Sherpas and the passion of the Scots in a bottle, perfectly blended, reflecting the heroism of a pioneering adventurer.

COLOUR: Light golden amber.

NOSE: Exotic vanilla with hints of toasted toffee sweetness, wild fruits, winter spice and smoky malt.

PALATE: Deliciously smooth with wild orchard fruits and creamy sweetness of toffee, balanced with citrus peel, vanilla, and warm winter spices.

FINISH: A sophisticated rich and smooth finish.

US$ 23.32

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