Johnnie Walker XR 750ML

Johnnie Walker XR 750ML

US$ 193.28

Volume: 750ML

Brand: Johnnie Walker

Category: Whisky / Premium Whisky

Country: Scotland

Alcohol: 40%


Johnnie Walker XR was inspired by the hand-written blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker, the grandson of the legendary Johnnie Walker. A luxurious blend from the exclusive reserve of aged casks, including that of the now quiet distillery of Brora.

Aged for an extended period of 21 years this exceptional legacy blend is both warm and spicy to the palate with layers of complexity to suit the discerning whisky drinker.

NOSE: Waves of spice give way to vanilla and honey.

PALATE: Caramel and hazelnuts course through dark chocolate.

FINISH: Luxuriously long, warming, smoky finish.

US$ 193.28