John Barr Reserve 1L

John Barr Reserve 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: John Barr

Category: Whisky / Premium Whisky

Country: Scotland

Alcohol: 40%

John Barr Reserve Blend unites highland malt and grain whiskies, for structure and richness, and Speyside varieties, for a mellow finish.

Each component whisky is carefully selected and expertly blended by a 3rd generation master blender, whose time-honored approach to whisky making delivers a reserve blend with a distinctive, rewarding taste profile.

John Barr reserve blend is characterized by rich aromas of chocolate, baked sweet apple and freshly baked bread, followed by notes of ripe apricot, gingerbread and hazelnuts on the palate, and a lingering maple finish.

US$ 62.80

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