Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky 700ML + 1 Glass Free

Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky 700ML + 1 Glass Free

US$ 74.79

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Indri

Category: Liquor / Offers

Country: India

Alcohol: 46%

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Indri single malt is distilled in Indri, Haryana, near the Himalayan foothills, near the Yamuna basin.

This remarkable awarded single malt is made from indigenous six-row barley grown for hundreds of years in Rajasthan. Matured with care since 2010, Indri–Trini is also the first Indian whisky to be produced in three different wooden barrels: in ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and PX sherry casks.

The Sanskrit word Indriya or Indris also refers to the senses. From its pleasant, golden, amber colour, to the nutty depth of flavor from burnt pineapple, citrus, and raisins, Indri will tantalize your senses.

NOSE: Gentle and mellow on the nose. Hints of black tea, caramelized pineapple with a whiff of oak comes forward, followed by vanilla and honey from the bourbon oak and traces of spiced tannins from the European oak, finally topped up with vinous raisin and sweet sherry notes.

PALATE: Elegant richness, smooth and warm on the sides of the mouth. Gentle spice and wood characters come through, followed by nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus, and raisins.

FINISH: A subtle and balanced finish, each flavour complements one another without dominating. A smooth and long aftertaste with sweet fruity flavours coming up from the warmth of the throat, lingering long after.

US$ 74.79