Eclat Whisky Glass Longchamp 320ML - E7555

Eclat Whisky Glass Longchamp 320ML - E7555

Volume: 320ML

Brand: Eclat

Category: Glass / Whisky Glass

• Symbolic of the four-decade-old Cristal d'Arques tradition, Longchamp's Sparkle amanates from its countless diamond-pattern-cut-glass details and its success is thanks to its ultra-feminine silhouette. Like a precious stone, his collection will light up festive tables around the world.

• Pure, Perfect transparency, Maximum transparency index. Bright, Extreme brilliance, Brilliance day after day, wash after wash.

• Made of Kwarx (Patented Technology of Lead Free Crystals). Strong, Maximum strength ,Resistant to the passing of time and bumps and bruises of everyday life .

US$ 5.61