Diplomatico Mantuano Rum 700ML

Diplomatico Mantuano Rum 700ML

US$ 62.65

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Diplomatico

Category: Rum / Imported Rum

Country: Venezuela

Alcohol: 40%

Matuano is an excellent blended rum aged for up to 8 years in white oak casks, which previously served to age bourbons and malt whisky. It combines column, batch kettle and pot still distillates elaborated from sugar cane, molasses and honeys.

With its strong notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla, the Mantuano is the ideal rum for flavorful cocktails but can also be enjoyed neat.

COLOUR: Amber tawny with reddish tints.

NOSE: Concentrated nose with mainly prune, brown tobacco and cooked caramel.

PALATE: In the mouth, the attack is rather dry, but very fruity. Then develops a beautiful aromatic richness, dominated by cooked, even stewed fruit (pear, apple, prune) but also banana and vanilla. The whole is tannic, even a little astringent, but also presents a certain seductive roundness.

FINISH: The finish is remarkably persistent, marked by the fruit but also by the pepper and spices which prolong its persistence.

US$ 62.65