Angostura 3yrs Reserva Premium White Rum 700ML

Angostura 3yrs Reserva Premium White Rum 700ML

US$ 63.03

Volume: 700ML

Brand: Angostura

Category: Rum / Imported Rum

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Alcohol: 40%

Angostura Reserva exudes a dry taste with rich and warm flavours of vanilla and a finish that is incredibly smooth with nuances of tropical fruits including banana and coconut.

Crystal clear like that of pure water, this rum is an ideal base for mixing with seasonal fruits to create light cocktails.

Flavourful notes of ripe banana and exotic tropical fruit aromas radiating a sharp whiff of vapor.

This rum is characterized by a medium-bodied palate with coconut, molasses, and hints of apple.

COLOUR: Clear with a platinum cast.

NOSE: Burnt banana and charcoal aromas.

TASTE: A quick soft attack leads to a round dryish, medium- bodied palate with plantain, burnt sugar, molasses, and peppery spice. 

FINISH: A hot pepper and burnt caramel fade.

US$ 63.03