Katmandu Irish Rum Cream Iced Espresso 200ML

Katmandu Irish Rum Cream Iced Espresso 200ML

US$ 3.99

Volume: 200ML

Brand: Katmandu Coffee

Category: Beverages / Coffee

Country: Nepal

• Pure handcrafted espresso makes 6 Iced latte.

• Soft and round with a hint of rum, whisky and cream flavour.

• Long aftertaste of rich and strong espresso.

• Alpine Coffee Estate, in partnership with ICED Espresso, brings you unique flavors of pure handmade espresso made from coffees grown in the foothills of Nepal.

• Choose your flavor from different origins of a geographically diverse country made using only Arabica beans and processed with natural Himalayan spring water.

• Best before 18 months from the date of production.

• Shelf life after opening: 14 days in the fridge.

US$ 3.99